Atmospheric Japanese style Dojo, Check it out

This place is heaven compared to a public gym. Fixed tatami, easy going atmosphere.


A good start

Each martial art has its own unique history, ideas and principles. They all have a particular focus or specialty in which they excel. Sometimes it’s hard to see through the jungle of information. The variety is huge and the offer seems endless. Even within the same art there can be major differences between schools and teachers.

We have therefore tried to clarify who we are and what we do. What to expect and, perhaps more importantly, what not. We can only recommend that you read this website carefully. By being prepared and well informed, you are more likely to find the martial art that meets your expectations and fits well with your character.

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Warriors of peace

Aikido is a popular Japanese Martial Art. The mixture of mind and body training, weapons and spirituality all in one, is what practitioners appreciate so much about Aikido …

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Parents may have great plans but kids just wanna have fun, lol 😂. We have developed various games in which children learn to focus, be active and work together at the same time. Through Aikido they develop a sense of respect and responsibility for one another …

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For those who are interested in sword fighting but find the traditional etiquette and rules of old schools a bit too intense, perhaps our Mixed Kenjutsu Arts is an option. Cool sword stuff based on our personal expertise as lifelong practitionars of Budo, without following any specific style or school …

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The Samurai way

Are you also crazy about the Samurai? These roots of swordmanship date back to the 15th century when Japan was still divided by warring states. The Samurai Way provides a deeper understanding of the origins and development of Japan’s culture and warrior tradition. Directly or indirectly, it lays the foundation of almost all Japanese Martial Arts… (subject to restrictions)

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Keep your mind flexible, your body active and stay socially connected. In Japan, it is very common to see elderly people exercising with lively young people. It keeps the young and old connected and engaged. Martial Arts are great for connecting with yourself and those around you.



Self-confidence is important for your health and psychological well-being. Have a positive image of yourself. Accept and trust yourself and get a sense of direction in life. Set realistic goals, learn to deal with criticism and keep a sense of humor. We provide a safe environment to grow, the rest is up to you.



Our mind often reacts to things it does not control. Loosing control in life can be tiresome, stressful and frustrating. We use mindfulness to keep the mind focused in the present moment. But what if things really go wrong, how calm will you be? Martial Arts mirror the mind. So don’t be fooled and ‘be cool’.


Dojo with a traditional Japanese touch. 
Nice atmosphere in an inspiring environment. 
 Downtown in the heart of the trendy Zeeheldenkwartier.

Dojo Dojo Dojo


1 price for all  |   monthly payments  |  cancel easily  |  no public gym   fixed tatami  | 1  location   Dojo since 1989  |  non-profit  


ℹ️ free lesson

Starters may book 1 free trial lesson per activity.

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ℹ️ subscribe

  • Download the subscription form
  • OPTION 1: Print the form, fill in, sign, bring it to the next lesson, or
  • OPTION 2: Print the form, fill in, sign, than scan to a pdf-format and send it to us by the email of this website.

ℹ️ deposit

By money transfer

Bank:  NL60 INGB 000 7541 563 | Name: Stichting Seishin-seii

*Help us keep money transfers clear:

  • DEPOSIT SEPERATELY – please deposit your subscription fee, monthly fees or merchandise preferably separately. It keeps our administration clear.
  • DEPOSIT IN ADVANCE – deposit your monthly fees always in advance, before the 1st day of each month.
  • MENTION NAME – mention only your name in the description box. In case of merchandise mention your name + the item (suit, weapon). Keep it simpel please.
  • NO DIRECT DEBET – it is not possible to deposit by automatic collection. Please set up your own periodical money transfer via your own bank. *Don’t forget to stop the periodical money transfer when you unsubscribe.

ℹ️ cancel

  • Cancel easily with a one month notice. Please only use our e-mail or the contact form on this website (please do not use sms or WhatsApp). Example: cancel on February 20 = unsubscribed March 31.
  • Please note, the date of receipt is leading. You will receive a confirmation of receipt within 5 working days. Please contact us immediately if our confirmation is not forthcoming.
  • Verbal cancellation, absence or reporting an injury to teachers will not be accepted as a valid cancellation.

ℹ️ get a suit

For starters it’s fine not to buy an outfit immediately. It’s okay to wait until you’re sure you want to continue for real. Meantime, we’ll have sufficient weapons at the Dojo so don’t worry about that either. However, after about 2 to 3 months max we’d like you to start wearing a proper judo/aikido suit. Weapons may wait a while longer. With regards to uniformity, we are happy to advise you with your purchases.

Our supplier is Aiki-Budo Sport

Feel free to take a look at their website but order directly with us. Just tell us what you need. We know our products and likely we have a proper suit or weapon already in stock. We use the same prices plus a fair delivery fee. We select proper merchandise for you and unsatisfactory products are easily exchanged due to our excellent contact with the supplier. Ordering at our dojo brings uniformity and safes you time and money.

*For those on a tight budget read the topics below, ‘Get suit repaid’ and ‘Low income’ or ask us what we can do for you.

ℹ️ get suit repaid

*For families with a low income:

Is your child 4 years or older but not yet 18? Does your child have an Ooievaarspas reduction card? Then you can submit an application to ‘Leergeld Den Haag’ for materials such as football boots, swimming costumes*, a judo suit or a musical instrument.

Link here (in Dutch only)

Request form here (in Dutch only)

Ooievaarspas link here

Contact us for help and for completing in the form.

💳 subscription

We charge a one-time subscription fee of €15.

💳 standard fee

Our standard rate is €25 for Youth and €40 for Adults.

Perhaps some advantages to consider: You practice in a private and beautiful Dojo with fixed mats. So no dragging with heavy judo mats before and after class. You can also leave your gear in the Dojo. Our schedule offers sufficient training hours and students can practice outside the regular schedule in consultation. Stay if you like to chit-chat with some tea or coffee. The lessons are at one location near the center of The Hague.

We use monthly fees, so no long-term deals, but if you prefer to transfer more months then you can do that. Cancellation is easy and we do not charge any unexpected costs. We are a non-profit organization and we are not out for your money (or soul) trying to sell you a product.

Other than that, you should find a good place, group and teacher for yourself. Preferably a nice mix of quality and feel-good too, but we can advise you not to go just for the first Dojo around the corner. Feel-good alone eventually ends at some point and then you will have wasted precious time. Therefore, always look for real knowledge and experience first and then hope for a good click with the rest. Good luck in your search.

💳 1 month trail

Start easily with our ‘1 month trial’ promotion.

Pay 25% less. For €30 you can take *all classes for 4 weeks without registration. So you don’t have to cancel anything. After the trial period, you can decide for yourself whether or not to register.

*Katori Shintoryu not included. Kenjutsu is fine.

💳 Students

Students pay €25 per month. This doesn’t include the subscription fee of €15. They may join all activities according to schedule.

*Students annually must demonstrate that they are still studying

💳 low income

Do you have a low income? Apply for the Ooievaarspas (reduction card) from the municipality of The Hague. The Ooievaarspas gives you and your family a discount on all kinds of fun activities like sports, excursions, memberships and courses.

Official link hier

Rules as of 2022:

  • All reimbursements are made by the municipality of The Hague and please realize that all terms and conditions are subject to change.
  • At our request, bring your valid pass to the Dojo (usually every 3 months). When the card offers 50% off, then you have to depostit half of our standard rate to our bank account every month: example: 50% discount Youth should deposit €12.50 and adults €20 to our bank account.
  • Children get a 100% DISCOUNT (free of charge) as long as the child has booked for only 1 sport activity.
  • Children receive a 50% DISCOUNT (half price) when the child has booked another sport activity in addition to Aikido.
  • Adults get 50% OFF (half price) for all activities.

*Note that the registration fee of €15 is not included.

💳 Non-profit

Non-profit: Dojo The Hague is an initiative of the Seishin-seii Foundation. The foundation is run by volunteers, entirely on a non-profit basis. All teachers and staff members work 100% free of charge and receive no compensation for their efforts and time spend. Our primer goal is to facilitated Budo practice the best way possible for our community. Hence, we continuously invest in our location and study as life time practitioners of Budo.

No ANBI: It should be clear that we do not have an officially recognized ANBI (Public Benefit Institution): An organization can be designated as an ANBI by the Dutch State. This status entails a number of tax advantages for both the organization and for the Dutch taxpayer who makes a donation to the organization. We do not have this status and if you are interested, the monthly fees will be processed as a contribution accordingly.

You might think that Budo principles such as working on your better self, promoting harmony and world peace would be very useful and beneficial objectives for the common good of our society, but financially seen this may be a little too simplistic. Based on this alone, every Budo Sports and Yoga club could claim an ANBI status. We ourselves are mainly focused on our own benevolence in the Dojo and that is without ANBI status.


For Aikido adults Mon. & Wed. 19.00-20.00 o’clock.

For Aikido Youth check schedule for age group.

For all other activities please contact us .

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9:00 - 9:50
Aikido Youth
6,7,8 years
09:50 - 10:05
6,7,8 years
10:15 - 11:00
Aikido All levels
17:00 - 17:50
Aikido Youth
6,7,8 years
11:15 - 13:15
Aikido Senior level
18:00 - 18:50
Aikido Youth
9,10,11 years
18:00 - 18:50
Aikido Youth
9,10,11 years
13:15 - 15:00
19:00 - 20:00
Aikido Basics
19:00 - 20:00
Aikido Basics
incl. 12 years up
19:00 - 20:00
Aikido Basics
19:00 - 20:00
Aikido Youth
incl. 12 years up
19:00 - 20:30
Exam training
20:00 - 20:30
Aikido All levels
20:00 - 21:00
Aikido All levels
20:30 - 21:30
21:00 - 22:00


Contact us

Helmersstraat 140, 2513 SC Den Haag

Mail to
Helmersstraat 140, 2513 SC Den Haag



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All is cool, no updates for now.

About us

We are just an enthusiastic comminity from all walks of life who are truly passionate about Budo. Our main goal is to continue teaching in our inspiring Dojo and grow together with a fun group of people who support our tiny community. Our motivation is pure love for the arts we practice without ego or commercial gain.

The Dojo itself was founded in 1989 and has been run by volunteers ever since.

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