Dojo The Hague is a place where Budo arts are practiced. Collectively we make our Dojo the wonderful place it is today. The atmosphere is friendly, accessible with the focus mainly on Budo. Quality above quantity, a safe environment, good partners and assistants are just as important as a good teacher.

What brings us together is our common love for Budo. To grow and prosper together, we must invest in each other as much as we invest in ourselves. Self-interest and individualism would prevent us from being a healthy community. Most students contribute by their monthly payments, which is totally fine. Others volunteer to clean up, do the administration or other tasks. It takes a lot of time and work to run a Dojo while and no one is rewarded or paid for it. As a result, the expectations of the students must be adjusted in gratitude. Students support the viability of the community and having our own private space, without expecting further service or entertainment as is common in a commercial school or gym.

About our know-how, we can say that our teachers are up to 6th Dan, have some 40 years of experience and are fully certified by Japanese masters. But that said, we believe that posting our credentials online will mean little to nothing to those who don’t know us. Unfortunately, a black belt is nowadays a poor indicator of quality and by no means a guarantee of success. A teacher with a high degree can be very bad, just as a teacher with a low degree can be quite good. It will have to be a match of personalities, background, talent and environment.

We therefore remain ourselves, without the frills and inflated content that is offered online. We are certainly not your typical MacDojo around the block and as far as we are concerned the honor is yours when you get to train with us. However, we are always looking for a good match to strengthen our team. In that case, the honor is ours to help and guide you the best way we can. We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.