Aikido teaches children how to get along with each other. Aikido itself is not aggressive in nature but they learn how to manage and cope with aggressive behavior from others. We do not teach self-defense as such. Children often like to train with weapons too. It is cool and quite exciting and they will pay attention right away. So let’s drop the smartphone, Nintendo or PlayStation for a while and connect with each other for real …

3 age groups  

6-7-8  |  9-10-11  |  12-16


  • We do not teach children under the age of 6.
  • For fearful children parents may stay around or perhaps even participate. Please contact us.
  • Children of 12 years and older can practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays and also may join all beginner classes of the adults.
  • For a suit please read the part under ‘Costs/Details/Get a suit’ (Click on blue ‘Costs’ button below).


  • There is no class when the class falls on public holidays and National school holidays.
  • Please note: school holidays may vary per school. We therefore adhere to the public and school holidays set by the government. (see link)
  • There will also be no lessons on bridge days,
  • Overview national school holidays link. (The Hague = Central Region, Province of South Holland)
  • Overview of public holidays in the Netherlands link.
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