Weapon training provides a deeper insight into the science of Martial Arts. You’ll quickly see what is practical and not and learn to deal with conflict in a realistic manner. Ken-Jutsu is no nonsense, straight to the point, realistic but never uncontrolled or aggressive. The realization that its techniques originated from actual combat, violence and war requires a respectful and serious approach to art. There’s no honor to be gained in war and violence and therefore no room for fooling around. Ken-Jutsu is practiced to never use it in reality. It provides a deeper insight into Japanese culture and it forms the basis of all Japanese Budo disciplines.

We are licensed to practice and teach Katori Shinto Ryu (KSR) by our teachers the late and famous Otake Risuke Shihan and Yamada Hironobu Shihan.

Firstly it’s important to know that when becoming a member of an old Kenjutsu school it comes with another mind-set and level of responsibility than most westerners are used to. Where modern schools (in the west) focus on personal development, old schools primarily wish to protect and preserve the schools traditions and reputation the best and purest way possible. Being accepted as a member is to become family. This way a student becomes some kind of gate-keeper of the art. Students may only practice under certain conditions and a heartfelt promise that they’ll never misuse or misrepresent the art nor Dojo in any way. In Japan one should seal this promise called ‘Keppan’ with their blood by cutting in ones own finger. It has been done for hundreds of years so why change now? KSR is not ours to take but these days with YouTube around it seems that every fool pretends to be a teacher. We owe much gratitude and respect to our teachers and the KSR community who’ve invited us in to share their secrets with us in trust and confidence. For this reason we will not easily share KSR with people unknown to us.

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