A good start for 2024


Each martial art has its own unique history, ideas and principles. They all have a particular focus or specialty in which they excel. Finding your way in the jungle of information can be quite a challenge. The range is wide and there are often relevant differences between schools and teachers. Read here what you can expect from us and what not. See if we match and can meet each other’s expectations:

Dojo The Hague is a place where Aikido and Kenjutsu are practiced. It is not a fight club but a school of Budo. A place where we practice with each other, not against each other. Adults classes are mostly given in English while classes for children are both in Dutch and English. Our teachers are modest, the atmosphere friendly and accessible. Quality over quantity, a safe environment, good partners and assistants are just as important as a good teacher. Everyone counts, together we make our Dojo the cool place it is today. Moreover, there is always room for positive people so,

feel free to contact us for a new adventure.

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